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        时间:2018-04-23 英语写作 我要投稿



          We need to behave politely because we represent China in foreigners' eyes.In order to prove to foreigners that China is a great nation with a high civilization, we should make sure we are polite. We should avoid speaking loudly in public places and spitting and littering.


          The independent enrollment serves as extra opportunities for high school students to enter prestigious universities. College entrance examination is no longer the only approach to the university, especially for those with special talents. We have every reason to believe that all roads lead to Rome. However, those difficult exams organized by universities for their independent enrollment are bound to make students bear more burden. It may also bring out injustice if strict supervision is not in place.


          Owing to the current exam-oriented education environment, students attach much importance to learning English. This is having a negative impact on traditional Chinese cultural values. It’s high time that we cooled down our English fever and protected our mother tongue. Instead of making English a compulsory course, schools should make it optional and offer other courses on Chinese culture and other foreign languages.

          It is learning English that can help us to understand the rest of the world. Because of English, we can travel abroad without tour guides, understand the instructions of imported goods and study abroad. It is too extreme to cancel English classes in schools. It is our education system instead of English learning that makes students as busy as bees.


          Many people read on digital devices like cell phones and e-books. The fast pace of life leaves many people no time to sit and read a whole book, so making use of fragmented time to read is sure to be a trend. Fragmented reading has its advantages. People can get hold of large amounts of information, knowledge, and entertainment in a short time. Digital reading is faster and more interactive than traditional deep reading.

          Fragmented reading makes it harder for people to reflect on what they read. People may not bother to remember facts because they know they can always just search for answers online. It is important to read quality books in a deeper way, even if that means forcing yourself to do so. We read not only for knowledge and for practical use, but also for spiritual satisfaction.


          When it comes to choosing a major, interest should come first. Only if we are interested can we put our heart into our work. Interest motivates study. Choose what interests you and you will not go wrong. The major you choose will probably become your career your whole life. Therefore, we should think carefully about it. Don't you want to have fun in your future work?


          Plastic surgery makes people more confident and gives them advantages. Not all people are born beautiful. Plastic surgery can change an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Good-looking people often have more opportunities. Plastic surgery can not only make people more beautiful but can also give them a competitive advantage. But plastic surgery cannot guarantee success and involves high risks.