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        时间:2018-03-13 英语写作 我要投稿


          Interest and Hobby








          Nowadays, after-class activities are becoming more and more popular in schools. We also have many kinds of after-class activities in our school, such as English corner, playing basketball and swimming. I am interested in the English corner, because it can help me make some new friends there.

          If you also want to take part in after-class activities, I have some suggestions. You had better choose the activities which are good for you; you had better choose what you like.

          Dear friends, please take part in after-class activities. I’m sure you will learn a lot and you will find it very interesting at the same time. Your school life will be colorful.

          Something Personal



          People sure change! My best friend, Mary has changed a lot in the last few years.

          She used to be fat but now she is thin. She used to have short hair but now she grows it long. She used to be really quiet but now she is outgoing. She used to spend a lot of time playing computer games, but now she has to study all day. She used to do morning exercises and some other activities every day, but now she is used to studying all the time and spend little time on her hobbies. In the evening, she used to watch TV with her family, but now she must go to bed early, because she has to get up early in the morning to read the text books.

          Time goes by, it’s amazing how she’s changed and she is never a child.

          Reduce Pressure


          假设你们班要在下星期一举行题为"The Ways for Students to Relax"的班会,请结合报道的内容。用英语写一篇80字左右的发言材料。


          1. 简要介绍造成现在学生学习压力大的原因。

          2. 你认为来自于English Online调查结果的放松方式是否有效,为什么?


          Dear fellows,

          Not only adults but also we students often feel stressed because we have too much homework to do, and we are very busy studying every day, we don’t have our own time to do what we are interested in. We are very tired and sleepy all day, so we should learn to deal with it. What should we do to relax?

          From the result of the survey, I think doing sports with classmates is a good way to relax. Because it’s good for our health and it can make us relaxed.

          I also have three ways to relax ourselues. First, we can listen to music. Second, we can go to the movies with our parents on weekends. Don’t study at home all the weekend. Third, when we feel tired, we can think about something interesting.

          I hope my suggestions can help you.Thanks!

          Relationship and Emotional Attitude


          现在社会普遍对90后有一些误解,认为他们自私、无礼,所以不能很好地与人沟通,那么,作为一名90后学生,你又是怎么看待这个问题的呢? 请结合你自己和周围同学的表现,分别列举至少三条优点和两条不足之处进行描述。

          As students born after 1990, we have so many advantages. We are usually kind and helpful. When someone is in trouble, we always give him or her a hand. We are also active. We like to do sports and go traveling. Most of us can work hard in class and play happily after school. Besides, we are imaginative and creative. We always try something new and do everything differently.

          On the other hand, we also have some disadvantages. Sometimes we can’t express our opinions in proper ways; sometimes we are a little over confident. And many students have no brothers or sisters, so they may do evthing for themselves. These problems may make us seem impolite, even we can’t communicate with others well. So it’s the most important for us to learn how to get on well with others.